DOM_BIRD is the Internet's friendliest and oldest list about chickens, waterfowl, and other domesticated barnyard poultry. DOM_BIRD has been serving the Internet community since 1995. Beginners, experts, old timers and young poultry fanciers are welcome. Subject matter includes all facets of raising poultry, poultry diseases and injuries, controlling predators, housing construction, and Livestock Guardian Dogs. Flames and put-downs are NOT permitted and flamers will be promptly removed so you have no fear of being pecked to death by people who might disagree with you. Unsolicited advertising by business owners is not permitted on DOM_BIRD. This is not a list about parrots or other exotic birds. Pro-animal rights or anti-farmer discussions are not allowed. Join today to find out why DOM_BIRD is one of the largest poultry lists on the net. Note that new members are moderated. Please read the list rules before posting.

SPECIAL POSTING RULE: DOM_BIRD is deliberately a low bandwidth list. Attachments are not allowed and when replying to posts on DOM_BIRD, it is required that you edit out all but the most relevant portions of the original message before sending it back to the list. The "Excessive Quoted Text" rule applies to everybody, but not everybody is moderated. If you notice somebody breaking this rule on a regular basis, let me know and I'll put them into moderation as well. New members are automatically moderated until they learn about this rule.

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